Suffocated by Thoughts

Suffocated by Thoughts

Our story is not a mess, our story is an essential part of us and it made us who we are today.

We often made a mistake or wrong decision in life. Sometimes we are haunted by those feelings like feeling never good enough, guilty, and too afraid of being judged by society around us. In japan, a broken pottery can be built again using ‘Kintsugi’ method. ‘Kintsugi’ is the art of repairing a pottery with gold or silver and has a very deep meaning to understand that the flaws and the imperfection of a broken thing can be recreated more beautifully and stronger than before. We’re just stuck and lost expressing our feelings and emotions because we’re already afraid of being judged. This thought will make us feel suffocated and lost. Sometimes you have done your best in life but life can take over so unexpectedly in order to make you stronger in the future. Everything happens for a reason, and don’t blame yourself over it. We might be damaged, broken and lost inside ourself but everyday we’re trying to fix our flaws and becoming a better version of us. 

You may handled it well outside but not in the inside. Hiding all these problems will keep you suffering. So, what we need is just to find someone who truly understands or at least can be a good listener to our problems. Not everyone understand how it feels to be us, mostly they tend to focus on our mistakes rather than be a good listener. We struggle so much dealing with our darkest time. Often we feel maybe the problem is in us, so we need to fix it. Meanwhile, it’s not our fault at all. We’ve done our best and put a lot effort into it, but it’s still not our time yet to shine and we’re not responsible for what everyone will think about it. Our story is not a mess, our story is an essential part of us and it made us who we are today. Each side of our story matter and has a different purpose in our life. 


Written by: Nadiya Sudiyasari

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