About Us



‘Halo’ our way to give you a warm greeting. In Sanskrit, BALÉ means home porch and we want to warmly welcome you when you arrived at home and give you a little bit of courage when you will leave the home.

Why should the home porch? Because we believed, home is a ‘place’ where you didn't need to hide your feelings.


We are a Jakarta-based illustration goods product and inspired from daily expression and feeling. Sometimes, some of us find difficulties to show our feelings and expression to others in society, but on the other side, what we feel is important.

Our simple hope through our story is, you will have a courage to say what you feels because no one have the right to judge for what you feels. Because you are not alone.


BALÉ was officially launched to the market in March of 2018. Some of our products made from organic material, and we always try our best to create  products that environmental friendly. Sadly but true, we live on a planet that is perfect, but we make it less and less habitable. We believed, you are priceless so does your feelings, and Mother Earth too. 


With Love,