Virtual Blind Talk : Pseudo Sapiens

Virtual Blind Talk : Pseudo Sapiens

It’s so hard to find someone who will understand you, or maybe you just haven’t found them yet?

 Pseudo means hidden and sapiens means human. As a human being, we might find it difficult to express our feelings and emotions alone. Humans are social creatures that can’t live and love without other humans. No matter how introverted or extroverted you are, you still need a social interaction from people around you. But sometimes you’re just afraid to pour all your feelings and emotions because their reaction is so unpredictable. Their reactions could be good or bad, also could hurt or heal you, but you just don’t know cause it’s too unpredictable and you’re too afraid of being judged. In the end, we’re just play it safely, keeping all this hidden story and secret inside ourself, and yes it makes us feel suffocated. 

It’s so hard to find someone who will understand you, or maybe you just haven’t found them yet? Maybe a ‘stranger’ who doesn’t know you in real life can give a little help to solve your hidden problems, maybe they have a solution or an answer you’re looking for, maybe they will not judge you for being who you are, maybe they can fix a broken parts of you, or if all these “maybe” doesn’t work, at least they are here to listening. Have you ever told your story to someone you didn’t know before? It will be so exciting if you could find someone who shares the same problem as you, right? It will make you feel a litle bit less lonely and you can see a different persepective on how does this person manage the same problems like you have, then maybe it will help to motivate you. For these strangers, your feelings and emotions are not a shame, your feeling and emotions are valid, they can’t judge you because they don’t know how exatcly you were in real life. A stranger is like an empty glass that you never filled a water in your life, you’ve never shared your feelings and emotions before with a stranger, then you can pour all your feelings and emotions into this empty glass, without feeling guilty and being judged. That’s why talking to a strangers can also help you. 

This november, Halopseudosapiens & Halobale will be holding a Virtual Blind Talk event. This event were made to create a space for someone who wants to share all their untold story, problems, or maybe their hidden secret and will be started on 17th until 23rd november 2021 with up to 90 participants. Sometimes you need to pour these feelings and emotions, right? In order to fix ourself, maybe we just need a little piece of others to recreate the best version of ourself. 


Written by: Nadiya Sudiyasari 

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